O Happi Place at Everton Park

What to eat at O Happi Place

The brainchild of plant lovers, Faith and Jeff, O Happi Place is a dessert cafe specialising in unique gelato flavours and hand-crafted drinks.

Don’t we all wish we could do our hobby as a job? That is exactly what Faith did. After leaving her job of 20 years in the finance sector, Faith developed a hobby for ice-cream making and has since turned it into a business. 

o happi place corridor
Located on the first floor of a HDB flat

Initially, she shared her homemade creations with just friends and family. They grew to love her gelato so much that they started ordering from her! Two months ago, she took a leap of faith which turned her home-based business into this dessert cafe at Outram Park.

ice cream selection
Lots of flavours to choose from~

I was impressed by the wide variety of flavours to choose from. From classics like Dark Chocolate and Matcha to local flavours like Kopi C and Ondeh Ondeh, O Happi Place has it all. 

Every tub of gelato is made in-house and the flavours were developed by Faith herself. Her goal to design a flavour for every individual has resulted in the creation of over 20 different flavours.

For those who are more adventurous, try the Yellow Capsicum gelato, which has a pungent aroma and a strong gingery taste. For alcoholics, there are flavours for you too! Get a quick fix from the Sake Melon Sorbet.

Apart from the usual cone or cup options, you can also have your ice cream with a waffle or traditional rainbow bread. I was excited to try the bread option but unfortunately, they were sold out that day.

If you want to try more than one flavour, sample their variety of flavours by ordering mini cones at $1.50 each.

Waffle with two scoops ($13.90+)

o happi place waffle with two scoops
Cookieeee and Ju Pu with Waffle

We ordered their best-selling flavour, Ju Pu, which is a blend of chrysanthemum and pu erh tea. The earthiness of the tea leaves together with the floral sweetness from the chrysanthemum created a light and refreshing taste. 

We also ordered the Cookieeee flavour, which came in a beautiful pastel blue created using butterfly pea flowers. This classic vanilla ice cream contains chunks of cookie dough which adds an extra sugary taste. It also provides a contrast in texture to the smooth gelato. 

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea ($4)

o happi place flower tea
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

We tried the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea from their artisanal floral tea series. The tea is served on a wooden tray with a cone-shaped flask and a cup of hot water. The small flask, containing tea leaves and flower petals, resembles the lab apparatus we used in secondary school! 

To make the tea, submerge the bottom of the flask into the cup of water and stir slowly. It has slits on the bottom for the flavours to be infused in the water. As you stir, watch the clear water turn into a dark shade of blue.

If floral teas arenโ€™t your thing, go for caffeinated options like Espresso ($3.50), White ($4.50) or Matcha Latte ($6.50).

o happi place entrance
Super wide entrance!

The owners envisioned O Happi Place to be a place for everyone, and has kept that in mind beyond the food they serve. The cafe is designed to be spacious, with a wide entrance and a large door to allow easy access for wheelchairs or prams. 

Located in a mature estate, which usually has a higher population of elderly residents, this considerate design welcomes families to have a gathering here with both the young and old. 

Final Thoughts

Just a five-minute-walk from Outram Park MRT station, getting to O Happi Place is hassle-free. If youโ€™re driving, there is a multi-storey car park conveniently located beside the block, and there is a link bridge with leads directly to the cafe. Their array of unique flavours entices you to come back again to try a new one each time. Also, their simple yet impeccable design with botanical decor gives off homely vibes, making it easy to relax and unwind. O Happi Place is indeed a happy place for all. 

Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ
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Address: 5 Everton Park, #01-22, Singapore 080005
Nearest MRT station: Outram Park
Opening hours: 12.30pm to 9pm (Tue-Thur, Sun), 12.30pm to 10pm (Fri, Sat)
Payment methods: Cash and credit cards

Photos: Dexter Looi