Guilt-free birthday cakes in Singapore

The birthday cake is the centrepiece of every birthday celebration. Thus, choosing the right cake for your special day is a crucial task. However, birthday cakes do have thick layers of cream and fondant which are very high in calories. It’s common for party guests to reject a slice of cake when you offer them one. Fret not! Here are some places where you can get guilt-free birthday cakes for your upcoming birthday.

The Clean Addicts

The clean addicts cakes
You’ll rarely find cakes this colourful. Credit: @thecleanaddicts

The Clean Addicts offer a range of vegan cakes made without flour. Instead, they’re made from beans, rolled oats, seeds, and dates! Their cakes are topped with fresh fruits, flower petals and nuts, giving them a rustic flair.

Their best-selling Vegan Cacao Wholefoods Fudge Cake ($69.80), or also known as Garden of Eden, is a cacao fudge cake that is completely gluten-free, dairy-free and eggless!

vegan cacao option
Simple and rustic! Credit: @thecleanaddicts

For tea lovers, you may want to try their limited edition Vegan Flourless Hoji-Matcha Fudge Cake ($99). It features a flourless matcha cake coated with cashew nut cream infused with premium Japanese hojicha powder. It’s dairy-free and gluten-free, due to its sweetness from dates instead of sugar.

Zee & Elle

zee and elle sugar free cake
Zee & Elle are already known for pretty cakes. Credit: @zeeandellesg

If you’re looking for lush and botanical cakes, Zee & Elle has you covered. Their guilt-free birthday cakes are insanely beautiful, dreamy, and always ready for a close-up. Just take a look at their Instagram feed.

The Mixed Berries Sugar-Free Cake ($68) has monk fruit sweetener, which is a natural sweetener with zero calories and carbs! 


kid friendly cake
Credit: @delciesdesserts

Organising a party for your little one? Delcie’s specialises in baby-friendly cakes that are low-carb, low GI, and sugar-free. The Blue Forest Cake ($85) is a vanilla sponge cake, topped with organic blueberries and makes for a pretty picture!

keto cake
A keto-friendly cake? Sign me up. Credit: @delciesdesserts

They also have guilt-free birthday cakes catered for keto diets, meaning they’re low-carb, sugar-free and vegan! One of them is the Keto Opera Cake ($95)—a chocolate sponge cake topped with hazelnut cream.

Delcie’s cakes are made with natural products, such as organic coconut oil and almond flour. Stevia is used in place of regular sugar too.

Oh My Goodness

cupcakes gluten free dairy free
Cupcakes are an option! Credit: @ohmygoodnesssg

With such a name, you can only expect to be wow-ed! Indeed you can enjoy all products by Oh My Goodness guilt-free. The company specialises in gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free food.

vegan walnut carrot cake
If you’re a fan of carrot cake, look no further. Credit: @ohmygoodnesssg

For your upcoming birthday, you can order the Carota ($99) which is a vegan walnut carrot cake. It’s made with a grain-free flour mix consisting of brown rice flour, tapioca flour, and potato starch. Lastly, the cake is topped with their house-made vegan cream cheese frosting!


locaba cake
Their black forest looks divine. Credit: @locaba_singapore

Established in 2019, Locaba, which stands for low-carb bakery, has been creating healthier versions of popular cake flavours. They offer Chocolate ($62), Salted Caramel ($80), Black Forest ($65), Earl Grey Vanilla ($62) and many more.

tiramisu cake low carb
Guilt-free tiramisu means I get seconds! Credit: @locaba_singapore

Their signature Tiramisu flavour comes with two options low-carb ($62) and vegan ($65). Wondering what’s the difference? The vegan Tiramisu is eggless and alcohol-free while the low-carb option is not. Choose the one that suits you best!

Kekito Bakery

burnt cheesecake kekito bakery
Burnt cheesecakes are still in vogue. Credit: @kekitobakery

Looking for something different? The Japanese-inspired cakes from Kekito Bakery are sure to satisfy you. Aside from their adorable designs, their guilt-free birthday cakes are completely sugarless! Made with low-carb flour and natural sugar substitutes, their cakes are healthy but still incredibly delicious.

Strawberry Cotton Cake
That’s a bouquet of a cake! Credit: @kekitobakery

The Ichigo Strawberry Cotton Cake ($58) looks like it came from a cake shop on the streets of Tokyo. This light vanilla sponge cake with creme chantilly is topped with fresh strawberries, so you can savour this without worrying about your sugar intake!

All Things Delicious

This halal bakery-cafe in the heart of Kampong Gelam is known for their delicious baked goods and mouth-watering brunch menu. They offer a variety of all-natural cakes that can be purchased in slices or as whole cakes.

raspberry cake
Love the gradient, and the drip icing! Credit: @allthingsdelicioussg

The Raspberry Ripple Cake ($49) is a chocolate cake made using unprocessed ingredients. It does not contain any artificial colouring or flavouring and uses unrefined sugar. The beautiful pink ombre is achieved by using the natural colour of a raspberry! Topped with fresh raspberries and almond tuile biscuits, this cake is perfect for any occasion.


Can durian cakes be a guilt-less pleasure? Credit: @emicakessg

Satisfy your durian cravings with the cakes from Emicakes! They’re made with either premium Mao Shan Wang or D24 durian. For a healthier option, go for the Eggless Premium D24 Durian ($71.10). It’s eggless and comes with D24 durian between house-made vanilla chiffon layers. Thus, these cakes contain 80% less cholesterol than regular chiffon!

eggless salted caramel cake
Looks sinful but is sin-free. Credit: @emicakessg

If durian is not your thing, you can try their Eggless Salted Caramel Medley ($44.80). It comes with silky white chocolate caramel mousse between their house-made low cholesterol chocolate chiffon.


chocolate midnight cake
Will eat this any time of the day, confirm. Credit: @roamidnight

All the cakes at ROA are completely vegan! Avocado, brown rice milk, and psyllium husk are used in place of butter, making their cakes very low in calories. 

The Midnight Grand Chocolate Cake ($68.80) comes in three flavours: Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and Citrus Chocolate. It comes with three layers of eggless dark chocolate sponge cake and dark chocolate ganache, topped with edible gold flakes and Moroccan rosebuds. An ideal guilt-free birthday cake for those looking for something fancy.

Nutty Butter Bakes

nutty butter bakes cakes
Rustic and so chio. Credit: @nuttybutterbakes

Nutty Butter Bakes is an online bakery specialising in low-carb and sugar-free artisanal bakes. Aside from cakes, they offer gluten-free cookies, cinnabuns, doughnuts, bread and more! 

double chocolate fudge cake
Guilt-free chocolate frosting? Yes please! Credit: @nuttybutterbakes

Their variation of Awfully Chocolate’s All Chocolate cake, the Double Chocolate Fudge Cake ($65) is gluten-, sugar- and dairy-free. Filled with layers of chocolate sponge and chocolate fudge frosting, the cake is rich and chocolatey. Enjoy this gooey goodness with your family and friends entirely guilt-free!

Final Thoughts

For your upcoming birthday, allow you and your guests to have a whale of a time without worry. Order from our list of healthy and yummy cakes today! Check out Missus for more baked delights!